iPad Stopwatch app for multiple participants and multiple laps.

Choose participants from contacts or facebook groups.

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For longer runs and for beep tests.

An iPad app which enables you to choose among team members, timing their run or beep test, simply by tapping their name, and afterwards publishing the results via eMail or directly to Facebook.

Participants can be chosen from your iPads address book (Contacts), from the Facebook Groups or events you are a part of, or from your own app internal contact list.
You can choose between "Stopwatch" or "Beep test". Note the participants results when they reach their "finish Line" or maximum performance in the beep test :) Using stopwatch, it is also possible to add more laps, and give each lap its own name.
Once finished with the test, the result can be published through eMail or to the Facebook groups and events you are a member of.

This app is born out of a gymnastics team which I coached. They used to run a mile starting each training session, and I had a lot of troubles noting their time when they came back from the run. Now the app has become a reality, and my task has become so much easier.

Peter J. Bruun